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Each box celebrates the power of play with creative activities and collectibles they'll play with over (and over) again. With a new theme each month delivered right to your door, the hardest part is waiting for mail day!

fairy tales

Fairy Jinja
Wizard Tom Figurine

Wizard Tom can't wait for his main stage debut.

Magic Beans Activity

1  Magic story beans

Choose a bean from Astrid’s seed pocket, and use it as a story starter for your next fairy tale. Continue the story based on the next bean you choose - where will your story go?

Stage Activity

2  Finger Puppet Theater

Fairy Jinja takes main stage! Flip the shipping box inside out, then perform your favorite fairy tales with the included finger puppet and theater props.

Wizard Kit Activity

3  Wizard Kit + Gnome Home

Help Gary with this DIY project that’s full of pretend play - create your own wizard hat and wand, then use them to magically turn a flower pot into a gnome home for Tom!


what's inside?
Captain Robin

Pilot Robin takes to the skies.

Planes Activity

1  Planes + Airports

Join Robin on a whirlwind trip around the world! Make your own airplane, place the different airports around the house and see where you end up.

Packing Activity

2  Suitcase Puzzle + Passport

Practice packing with Tom’s suitcase board puzzle, then fill out the passport with Astrid - it comes complete with loads of fun, educational activities.

Camera Activity

3  Camera + Photographs

Build Jinja’s camera in a snap, then use the included prompts to draw your own photo memories.


Happy Larry
what's inside?
Explorer Nutmeg

Adventure awaits Explorer Nutmeg!

Hide and Seek Activity

1  Forest seek + find

Larry’s looking for his friends and needs your help! Search with your trusty magnifying glass and field guide. Leave no stone unturned!

Mudpies Activity

2  Forest Food

Nutmeg has collected some ingredients to make mud pies, but it looks like she may have a different idea of food. Oh well... let’s give her a hand anyways!

Forest Friends Activity

3  Forest Friends

Help Jack make some new woodland friends using forest objects like pinecones, leaves, and acorns. What kind of puppet pals can you create?

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