Best Travel Toys For Toddlers

By Sago Mini

Little ones and long journeys don’t get along. Creating special vacation memories involves making the journey entertaining for them. How are super-mom or dad supposed to keep one eye on the road and one on the map while also keeping their toddler from getting frustrated? 

Thankfully, we’re here to lend a helping hand to the tired, travel-weary parents out there. We’ve put together a list of toddler-tested toys we think are perfect for long journeys by car, train or airplane. This selection of fun activities for kids will keep them entertained throughout your family adventure and give you a chance to relax and enjoy your trip!

Window toys

The outside world is so big, wonderful and fascinating, especially to little eyes trapped in a moving vehicle. Window toys are a brilliant way to incorporate the world whizzing by into your toddler’s play. 

Window toys and removable stickers come in all shapes and sizes, encouraging artistic storytelling and ingenuity from a young age. The constantly changing background inspires creative answers as you ask your children where the characters are now and what they’re doing, taking in the environment around them. 

The compact size and suction cup design makes these some of the best travel toys for parents with limited luggage space. It doesn’t matter if they’re sat by a big car window or a tiny airplane one, little ones will have hours of fun weaving stories together against new and changing backdrops. 

Sago Mini Box

Sometimes the toy your toddler likes most in the world just lands at your door. 

Sago Mini’s subscription boxes are packed with everything you need to make your toddler’s journey fly by. All stored in a handy foldable travel case that becomes the backdrop for play, each month’s package is brimming with educational craft and game activities as entertaining as they are informative. 

Each box has an exciting unique theme that toddlers can enjoy whatever their skill level. These make-and-play toys are so fun, they’ll insist you keep playing together when you arrive at your destination. A brilliant choice for solo play, with siblings or getting grown-ups involved. 

Sago Mini Boxes make a great vacation surprise to keep your toddler’s mind off long journeys. Treat them to the box just before you head out, or mix and match with their favorite crafts, collectibles and activities from the previous months for the best Sago play experience. 

Top travel tip: A portable play surface can make travel playtime much more expansive. It gives your little ones somewhere to express their creativity and lose themselves in a world like they do when they’re home. A sure-fire instant distraction when they’re stuck in the back of a car for hours.  


On the road or in the airport, it’s hard to have the long arts and crafts sessions you and your toddler enjoy so much. Finding the space to engage with their growing creativity and curiosity is almost impossible. Compact, malleable and silly plasticine is a great way to make sure you don’t sacrifice this vital playtime. 

One little tube can inspire so much creativity in their growing minds. If you want to get involved or think they need a bit of guidance you can spend some time before the trip looking up objects to make together and save them on your phone. For parents who want to travel light, few toys pack the amount of fun and creativity into such a small package as a couple of tubes of plasticine. 

A lot of travel toys will only entertain growing minds for so long, then you’re left lugging it around. Firing a toddler’s imagination, plasticine can be whatever they want to play with most in the world. 

Finger puppets

Little fingers need to be kept busy on long journeys, and what better way to do so than with a finger puppet show. Rather than letting YouTube or Netflix decide the stories your toddler sees put together tales of your own, performed by your handy traveling theatre. 

Finger puppets are a classic toy that will keep their attention and inspire creative storytelling. You can easily get the kids involved, giving them small roles that will make them feel so important and grown-up. Whatever themes they enjoy, from fantasy to animals, you’re sure to find something that will grab their attention. Few toys will get you as many giggles from the back of the car. 

The fun and magical designs of finger puppets will entertain them for hours without taking up huge amounts of space in your bag. The perfect toy for getting the whole family singing, laughing and playing on the journey. 

Top travel tip: Pre-planning will save you a lot of headaches on the journey. Spend some time in-between packing creating little games, worlds and activities for toddlers. Try to get them involved too. Then when you bring out certain toys it will spark memories of the game and instantly grab their attention.

Magnetic doodler

Toddlers love to doodle the hours away on long trips. Unfortunately, coloring books only have so many pages. Aqua pens are fun, but they can dry up quite quickly if you don’t keep an eye on the caps. Magnetic doodlers though, now that’s a magical way for young Picassos to show off their skills.

The magic of drawing is in the creation. Little minds are often so inspired, wanting to jump into a new idea before they finish the one they’re working on. The magnetic doodler quickly gives them a brand new blank canvas to spread their ideas across. If you want to give yourself a couple of silent hours to relax on the journey, then a magic doodler is a guilt-free way of distracting them with their own creations. 

Hopefully, we’ve helped you find a way to keep your next family vacation entertaining for young tykes. If you want to learn more about Sago Mini and read more of your play tips sign up for our newsletter.